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K+ Training

  • 21Days
  • 7Steps


Our K+ Circuit Training program can help runners or high impact enthusiasts reach pelvic floor and full-body fitness goals over six weeks time. How it works All video content can be accessed on a web browser on the device of your choice (and "cast" to your TV) through The Nobody Talks Club or through the Mighty Networks mobile app. The program comprises 18 different K+ Circuit Training videos spanning 6 weeks. You will also have access to a closed community of other people doing K+ Training and to the coaches themselves. Each K+ Circuit includes a handful of at-home exercises expertly sequenced and repeated for you, taking less than 30 minutes to complete. They are intended to build strength and stamina for high impact activity. We keep it interesting with a wide variety of movements using bodyweight and a small selection of equipment. The circuits include built-in warm-ups. Just follow along with the video demonstrations and expert narration, and use rewind as needed. This program is for postpartum (from 8 weeks and beyond) who do not have regular pelvic floor issues with everyday activity and have already re-established basic conditioning (everyday squats, lunges, and lifting household items) and are ready to integrate strength, endurance, and power training. New parents should be at least 8 weeks postpartum, have medical clearance for return to exercise, and can walk 30 minutes continuously without any bodily symptoms. This program is also for anyone well beyond 8 wee

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