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You, only drier.

You deserve to skip, hop, run and laugh without a second thought.

You, in full control.

Set your own goals. Proceed at your own pace. Reach out anytime

We support you with education, skill-building, and personal encouragement.

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3-Week Intensive
 Coaching & Action Plans

K+ Circuit Training
Online Fitness Program

1:1 Expert Consults
Care Navigation

Get relief from symptoms while building  new habits, confidence, and perspective. You'll make small changes that make a big difference, in ways that suit your lifestyle.

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Get stronger and improve your stamina after childbirth, surgery, or a period of deconditioning. With daily effort, you can reach pelvic floor and full-body fitness goals in just six weeks.

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Worried about symptoms? Confused by all the products or services available? Unsure which kind of healthcare provider to see? Get help from an expert in the industry.

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Designed with a love for pelvic floor fitness as part of regular fitness ...because it is!

K+ Training methods have been expertly developed for Liv Labs by Dr. Melissa Stendahl, physical therapist, and Jason Friedman, fitness trainer.


Dr. Melissa Stendahl is a physical therapist specialized in treating adult pelvic health.

About Melissa

Jason Friedman - smiling tilt_edited_edi

Jason Friedman is a fitness trainer and prior pro baseball player, specializing in small group training.

About Jason

Your evolution starts here

We'll empower you to take control of your bladder leaks with lifestyle strategies and activities to meet your unique goals, whether that's laughing at the comedy club, ditching those annoying pads, running a marathon, or playing with your grandchildren. 

1:1 Expert Support

Meet weekly with your K+ Training coach, paired with support throughout the week

Lifestyle Strategies

Experiment with new skills, improved habits, and proven pelvic health exercises to support continence 

Continuous Learning

Enjoy weekly knowledge content for leak-free fitness for life, including referrals to the right health care providers

K+ Training is designed for adults who are motivated and ready to make a change.

Leaking may be common, but it's not normal, and limitations do not have to be tolerated. K+ Training can help you to...

How it works


Enroll in K+ Training

Register and get assigned to your coach.


Meet your Coach

Hop on a call to get to know your coach, and start your journey together.


Make Changes

Experiment with the things you're learning, with coaching to tailor them to your lifestyle and needs.


Check In

Enjoy weekly calls with your coach to answer questions and keep you accountable.


Enjoy Results

Know how to support your goals beyond your coaching journey.


You can get coaching for your fitness, mindset, nutrition...why not pee leaks?

Your personal leak coach

Anytime access to your coach via text messaging

Weekly 1:1 video/audio sessions

Bite-sized learning activities

Proven-effective exercises

Tools to safeguard your continence for all stages of life

Lifestyle & Fitness Coaching for Pee Leaks


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Pelvic floor fitness is one size fits most, but not all.

Please contact a healthcare provider if you experience the following symptoms:

  • A sudden change in urinary function

  • Any pelvic pain

  • A sense of urinary urgency without the ability to urinate

  • What is K+ Training?
    K+ Training is the only current coaching service for female adults with bladder leaks. We connect members with expert pelvic health coaches, creating a supportive partnership that will help members to continue or return to a lifestyle they love without limitations from leaking. We've collaborated with pelvic health physical therapists, physicians, fitness trainers, and mindset coaches to create a methodology that is supported by the best available science and clinical expertise.
  • Who is K+ Training for?
    K+ Training is for any female adult who leaks urine and wants to address it. K+ Training is also for any female adult who is approaching a time when urine leaks are common (pregnancy, postpartum, menopause transition), and wants to prevent it. We’re here for those who are ready to make a change and take action to reach their goals. The most common categories of goal-setting that our members come with are: - Building knowledge and awareness around their leaking - Building habits, routines, and skills to combat bladder leaking - Continuing or re-starting exercise - Continuing or re-starting daily activities without bothersome symptoms, anxiety or embarrassment, or extra tasks (like knowing where every bathroom stop is, or bringing extra pads) - Be able to stay hydrated - Understanding how to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle - Understanding high quality sources and referrals for bladder support care
  • What is coaching for pee leaks? How does K+ Training work?
    We believe there is information that everyone should have. In a span of three weeks, our coaches provide knowledge- and exercise-based strategies for your lifestyle and fitness, that can have an immediate influence on continence. We practice a health coaching model with emphasis on behaviors, habits, movement, and strength that specifically supports pelvic floor fitness for continence. K+ Training helps you understand key dimensions that affect all bladders: - Pelvic Floor Fitness: self-assess and upgrade your pelvic floor fitness - Diet & Fluids: manage symptoms with what you consume - Habits that Affect Leaking: self-assess and adjust other daily influences - Hip Strength: know what to include basic strength and conditioning for continence - Impact Exercise: know how to safely participate in high impact exercise - Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Menopause: be ready throughout the lifecycle Myth busting Exercise strategies Habit changes Self-assessment tools Our K+ Training coaches partner with you to integrate details from these key dimensions into your lifestyle to achieve your goals. You'll experiment with strategies on a weekly basis to implement tactics that fit your needs. The teamwork with your coach begins with goal-setting, followed by structured weekly experimentation & self-assessment. We help you by providing guidance and accountability from a real human, research-backed methods for motivational compliance and accountability, and modern application of virtual support platforms.
  • Who are K+ Training coaches?
    Our coaches are licensed physical therapists who specialize in pelvic health, with additional training by Liv Labs. They must have advanced post-graduate training in pelvic health and bladder function, and clinical care experience with incontinence. * Please note that Liv Labs does not function as a clinical or medical service, and does not serve as a substitute for authorized healthcare. This is applicable even in cases where your designated K+ Training Coach possesses valid medical licensure. The role of your K+ Training Coach is to provide support in the capacity of a K+ Training Coach, using information and recommendations that can be applied generally to a normal, healthy population.
  • What time commitment do I need to make?
    K+ Training is designed to fit into your schedule. You will have anytime chat access with your coach, the ability to configure app notifications to your liking, and flexibility in scheduling coaching calls. Weekly coaching calls will take 30 minutes each. Your coach will determine and schedule your tasks based on what's realistic for you. The coaching is designed to support your schedule and your normal, desired activities. You can access and practice the provided tips and exercises on your own time, integrated with the activities you already do or want to do.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule a Coaching Call?
    Members can cancel or reschedule a coaching video call without penalty 24 hours in advance. If cancellation is within 24 hours, the session will be forfeited for the week. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Can I use my HSA, FSA or HRA for K+ Training?
    We are working on this! At this time, K+ Training is not eligible for payment or reimbursement using HSA, FSA, or HRA. But we are in the process of being able to offer this in the future. Stay tuned!
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