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Our K+ Circuit Training program was created by Jason Friedman of Blues City Strength and Dr. Melissa Stendahl of Stendahl Physical Therapy. It blends techniques of functional strength training and pelvic floor rehabilitation to help postpartum runners reach pelvic floor and full-body fitness goals over six weeks time. 

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This low-impact program for postpartum runners tackles leaking + rebuilds strength & stamina.

6-week plan for $49.99

How it works

We currently offer K+ Training at The Nobody Talks Club, our private social network (hosted by Mighty Networks). The program includes

18 different K+ Circuit videos, each released every few days over 6 weeks.

Each K+ Circuit repeats 2-3 times for a manageable workout, and with short rests between sets. We keep it interesting with a wide variety of movements you can do at home. No more counting holds and repetitions. Just follow-along and enjoy! Slowly and steadily we build up pelvic floor readiness and carefully reintroduce exercises with impact.

You can use each K+ Circuit only once, or as often as you like! You will also have access to a closed community of other people doing

K+ Training and to the coaches themselves.


All video content can be accessed on a web browser through The Nobody Talks Club or by phone using the iOS and Android Mighty Network apps.

Good to know

New mothers should be 12 weeks postpartum and medically cleared for normal fitness activity.

Our Coaches

Jason Friedman - smiling tilt_edited_edi

Jason Friedman is a former pro baseball player trained in a wide variety of physical movement, strength and function modalities. He trains people of all ages and abilities in Chicago.


Dr. Melissa Stendahl is a former military officer who specializes in treating pelvic floor disorders, particularly in postpartum women. She is licensed to practice in Texas, New York, and Colorado.

Not sure if K+ Training is right for you?

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