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You, only drier.

You deserve to skip, hop, run and laugh without a second thought.

Get relief from problematic symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency and leakage in just 3 weeks with our new K+ Training Intensive, an affordable health coaching program designed to put you in control.
It's simple and convenient. Direct, hassle-free guidance.

You commit approximately 5-10 minutes a day to make noticeable progress. With our program, you don't need to make an office visit, get a vaginal exam, search Instagram for the right videos, or deal with insurance. We curate content for your daily action plan, and share it with a simple link!


It's affordable. 21 days of support for $295.

Our program includes three private, online consultations with a pelvic health expert; access to curated training materials and videos; and 21 days of message-based coaching and encouragement. Plus you get anytime access to your coach!


Ready to dedicate three weeks to a drier you? 

* Book your spot in the K+ Training Intensive. You’ll be directed to schedule an online consultation with your coach, Melissa Stendahl, PT, DPT (physical therapist). 


Still have questions? 

* Book a FREE Discovery Call, or keep scrolling.




Who is it for?

You, if you’re ready.

K+ Training is for anyone who already leaks, or worries they might, and wants to address it without surgery. Leaking is common among athletes, after certain surgeries, during pregnancy and postpartum, and with the physical changes in midlife and beyond.


How does it work?

Your goals set the agenda. 

You’re paired with an expert pelvic health coach for a program of education, skill training, and lifestyle-integrated exercise. It all begins with personal goal-setting, followed by structured weekly experimentation and self-assessment.


Why does it work?

Basically, you get smarter.

A lot of self-care involves "common sense" that is neither common nor seemingly sensible. Luckily our coaches are professionally educated and trained, so you don't have to be. Depending on your goals, you will learn how to:

  • Drink differently

  • Change unhelpful habits

  • Improve pelvic floor fitness

  • Safely perform high-impact exercise

  • Assess your own progress

  • Identify a medical concern

  • Know when and where to seek medical care


What's the goal?

Let you be you, only drier.

Self-care strategies can help improve mild-to-moderate leaking. But it can be hard to translate general recommendations, like "do your kegels" and "watch your fluids," into specific daily choices. With K+ Training, you’ll learn what works for you!


Still not sure it’s right for you? Book a FREE Discovery Call today!



Disclaimer: Liv Labs does not provide clinical or medical services. The role of a K+ Training coach is to share relevant educational materials, make self-care recommendations that apply broadly to the healthy population, and keep you motivated to find what works best for you. If you experience any pain or difficulty emptying the bladder, it is recommended that you seek medical care without delay.

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