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Liv Labs Joins AgeTech Atlanta with Inaugural Startup Scholarship

AgeTech Atlanta/Carabiner Communications

Jul 9, 2024

Liv Labs takes up residence in the Atlanta Tech Village as the first scholarship company of AgeTech Atlanta, the leading ecosystem of innovators and advocates improving the lives of older adults.

Liv Labs is proud to establish a presence in Atlanta and join AgeTech Atlanta in the important mission of improving the lives of older adults through technology and innovation. The expanded AgeTech Atlanta entrepreneurial space at Atlanta Tech Village underscores the booming demand for AgeTech—and Atlanta's growing leadership role.

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Liv Labs Inc. (@livlabsfitness) is a specialty women’s health company developing convenient self-care versions of proven-effective clinical treatments, starting with urinary incontinence. Liv Labs believes that emerging technologies will help people take more expert control of their everyday health, with overall better outcomes.

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