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Liv Labs Recruits Wilson Sporting Goods Exec to Lead Product

Liv Labs Press Release

Dec 2, 2021

Liv Labs Inc., a venture-backed consumer healthtech company, announces the appointment of Tim McKeown to the position of Vice President, Product and Commercialization.

McKeown has decades of experience leading global, cross-functional product development efforts in a wide range of global industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, and sporting goods. McKeown most recently led a breakthrough innovation in tennis rackets with the Clash,™ which immediately rose to #1 in the world and was deemed the most successful product launch in Wilson history. His many previous accomplishments include playing a key role in bringing to market the first Android smart phones for Motorola, designing human-centered approaches to immunoassay analysis systems for Abbott Laboratories, and work on infusion devices for Baxter.

McKeown steps into the role with the full support of the founding design team of Carly and Eric Price. “We’ve known Tim for years and are simply delighted he agreed to come on board. We trust him implicitly. He will oversee the end-to-end development process with integrity and ease,” said Ms. Price.

McKeown’s first priority is preparing the Liv Labs’ continence pessary for clinical trial at Northwestern University. The pessary is intended to treat female stress urinary incontinence, a health condition affecting 27 million women in the USA and 480 million worldwide. Symptoms generally present as involuntary urine leakage with a sneeze, laugh, cough, or hop. The Liv Labs device is designed to help women stay active and avoid unnecessary surgery, and it can be used in combination with pelvic floor muscle training.

Cofounder and CEO, Melody Roberts, states, “At Liv Labs we are committed to making it more affordable and convenient to effectively self-treat common conditions like stress urinary incontinence. Under Tim’s capable leadership, Liv Labs will develop a pipeline of appealing and effective self-care solutions.”


Liv Labs is a Chicago-based startup with Silicon Valley roots. It’s cofounders, Carly Price and Melody Roberts, are career innovators of branded, consumer conveniences for brands like McDonald’s, Chase, Casper, and Ford. They believe that technology will reshape healthcare much as it has other industries, enabling people to take control of their everyday health, with better outcomes.

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