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Liv Labs Selected for MATTER’s Inaugural 51 Labs Menopause Accelerator

Liv Labs Press Release

Dec 5, 2022

Liv Labs Inc. joins a cohort of stellar innovators building menopause management solutions.

Liv Labs Inc. joins the inaugural cohort of 51 Labs, sponsored by MATTER, the premier healthcare incubator and innovation hub, alongside Astellas Pharma US, Walgreens, BayCare, Parkview Health, University of Chicago Medicine and Capita3​​. Cohort companies were chosen by a review panel of subject matter experts and industry leaders from a pool of applications spanning five continents, seven countries and 18 U.S. cities.

The 12-week accelerator includes a 21-day intensive module called Leader Launch, a program led and created by Capita3, designed to transform startup founders into top CEOs who go on to accomplish significant company milestones. Following the Leader Launch module, the cohort will participate in workshops, industry roundtables and cross-industry mentor sessions focused on four key areas of building their business: go-to-market strategy, product-market fit, fundraising and presentation and selling skills.

Cofounder and CEO, Melody Roberts, says, “This program could not have come along at a better time for us. We are excited to be in the company of like-minded innovators with complementary solutions, and look forward to capitalizing on all of the insights, tools, and connections the 51 Labs experience provides. As we were reminded in the first session, new challenges arise with every successfully-completed milestone. And we indeed have new challenges!”


Liv Labs is a Chicago-based startup with Silicon Valley roots. It’s cofounders, Carly Price and Melody Roberts, are career innovators of branded, consumer conveniences for brands like McDonald’s, Chase, Casper, and Ford. They believe that technology will reshape healthcare much as it has other industries, enabling people to take control of their everyday health, with better outcomes.

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