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Silcon Valley's Y Combinator Backs Liv Labs

Liv Labs Press Release

Aug 30, 2021

SBIR grant creates momentum to help Liv Labs secure first venture capital investor.

Liv Labs proudly announces investment from Y Combinator, inarguably the world's most influential startup accelerator. Liv Labs is part of the Summer 2021 "batch" of portfolio companies, which include a growing number of biotech startups. This year the program is virtual and includes hundreds of companies from all over the world. Even so, it is highly selective. Based in Silicon Valley, Y Combinator has backed a long list of successful, paradigm-shifting businesses including Airbnb, Coinbase and Gingko Bioworks. The YC program culminates, at the end of August, in the much-anticipated investor Demo Day.


Liv Labs is a Chicago-based startup with Silicon Valley roots. It’s cofounders, Carly Price and Melody Roberts, are career innovators of branded, consumer conveniences for brands like McDonald’s, Chase, Casper, and Ford. They believe that technology will reshape healthcare much as it has other industries, enabling people to take control of their everyday health, with better outcomes.

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