The Nobody Talks Club

We've created a private social network for people with pelvic floor questions, concerns, and wisdom to share. It’s surprisingly easy to talk to people who can relate. Come find out!

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Is the Club private? The Nobody Talks Club is a member organization, managed by LLF. Only registered Club members can enter the Club and interact.

Who is allowed? The Nobody Talks Club does not screen potential members for a diagnosis or gender identity. People in the community share an interest in pelvic floor fitness and have similar questions about treatment for leaks.

Will anyone find out I’m in the club? LLF does not publish or sell our membership lists. Our employees are held to the highest ethical standards of privacy protection.

Is there a fee? Basic membership is free and includes participation in the social aspects of the community: community feed, posting, topics, and one-on-one chat. Paid membership options are coming soon.