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Pelvic Floor Mobility Sequence

These stretches and movement activities are specially chosen because of their influence on relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, an area that can be tight from long periods of immobility (like for desk work), from frequent intense or heavy workouts, or from stress! Follow along with the videos, repeating as desired. Go for at least 10 repetitions per exercise per side, or about 1-3 minutes each. These can be done altogether as a mobility routine, chosen randomly and used throughout the day to break up long periods of sitting, or for warm-ups or cool-downs for workouts.

Butterfly Stretch

Downdog Pedaling

Child's Pose

Hamstring Walk

Happy Baby Pose

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch (skip the chair if too intense)

Prone Pressup

Shin Box Switch & Stretch

Straight Leg Adductor Rock

Thread the Needle

World's Greatest Stretch


Hip Strengthening for Pelvic Support

Research and clinical experience increasingly suggest a relationship between hip strength and bladder control. (Read more here.) Here are some key hip exercises to support continence. To be effective, strengthening exercises should be done at least twice per week, for several rounds of approximately 15-20 reps per side (bodyweight) and 8-12 reps (weighted or with resistance bands).


Curtsy Lunge

Donkey Kick

Glute Bridge Floor Press
Lateral Walk

March in Place (Suitcase Carry)

Romanian Deadlift

Side Lying Leg Raise

Squat to Chair (Staggered Stance)

Sumo Squat


Building Up to High Impact

These are generally listed in order of lower impact to higher impact. We suggest setting a 60-second timer, and trying each exercise for 60 seconds to test your stamina. Note the time at which you fatigue, leak, or otherwise need a break. This is your current 'training threshold' for that exercise. Repeat invterals at your 'training threshold', gradually adding time as you can without symptoms or fatigue. Use these as exercise, and/or as a gauge for readiness for other high impact exercise of your choice (like Zumba, running, HIIT class, etc.).


Alternating Stand to Plank

Bear Squat Hops


Plank Jacks

Calf Raise Heel Slamdowns

Split Stance Knee Drives

Squat Jumps to Chair

Skater Hops - Toe Taps

A Skip in Place

Ali Shuffle

Twist Hops

Hopping (Single Leg)

Skater Hops

Split Stance Power Skips

Running in Place

Jumping Forward and Back

High Knees

Jumping Jacks

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