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K+ Training


K+ Training is a full-body approach to restoring continence that blends functional strength training with techniques of pelvic floor rehabilitation.
Get fit, inside and out.

The Coaches

K+ Training methods have been expertly developed for Liv Labs by
physical therapist Dr. Melissa Stendahl and trainer Jason Friedman.


Dr. Melissa Stendahl is a physical therapist who specializes in treating pelvic floor disorders, particularly in females. About Melissa.

Jason Friedman - smiling tilt_edited_edi

Jason Friedman is a former pro baseball player trained in a wide variety of physical movement, strength and function modalities. Jason's story.

Female Running

Return to Running

This low-impact program rebuilds strength & stamina while tackling leaking.

​Inspired by the needs of new mothers, the Return to Running program is suited for any reasonably fit woman restoring continence and rebuilding stamina after:

  • giving birth

  • sustaining an injury

  • undergoing surgery

How It Works

K+ Training is offered online at
The Nobody Talks Club.

The program includes six weeks of restorative exercise via 18 unique K+ Circuits. Each mat-friendly circuit combines pelvic floor fitness with full-body training to reduce leaks and build strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility—all at once. Circuits can be repeated and combined, to build strength and stamina.​ 

You'll steadily build up pelvic floor readiness for exercises with impact.​

Videos feature exercise performers whose movements you can imitate, with expert narration by our head coaches, Dr. Melissa Stendahl and Jason Friedman. If you know the moves, you can simply follow the instructions.


Dr. Melissa will be there to coach you and answer your questions.​

The program includes a free wellness consult with Dr. Melissa, anytime access via chat, and optional peer group participation.


  • No fear: designed for working out at home

  • No excuses: K+ Circuits fit into busy days!

  • No touching: virtual consult with Dr. Melissa

6-Week Exercise Program

Coaching & Peer Support

Self-Paced K+ Training
Fitness Program


Optional Equipment & Gear

SPRI has all the resistance bands
We love a Yo Gorilla large exercise mat!
You won't regret a 13-lb Rogue kettlebell
Amazon has lots of dumbbells


Pelvic floor fitness is one size fits most, but not all.

Please contact a healthcare provider if you experience the following symptoms:

  • A sudden change in urinary function

  • Any pelvic pain

  • A sense of urinary urgency without the ability to urinate

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