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LLF provides you with the programs, tools, advice, and support you need to live your best life–without worrying about pee leaks. Join us to reach your pelvic floor and full-body fitness goals.

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K+ Training

When doing kegels makes you feel like a boss.


That simple wish inspired K+ Training: workouts that effortlessly integrate pelvic floor fitness with full-body movements for increased strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Our workouts are designed to be fun and ever-changing, so you never get bored. 

Answers Just for You

Frustrated, worried, or simply curious?


Reach out to Sarah Haag, PT, DPT, MS and Co-Owner of Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic. Dr. Haag teaches physiotherapy and has years of experience treating women and men with urinary incontinence. She even wrote the book, which you can purchase here!

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Here's why I love doing pelvic health: We can figure out the stuff that bothers lots of people - stuff that nobody wants to talk about - including some clinicians!

The Nobody Talks Club

Leaking a little? Relatable.


Join the club and you’ll be in good company: new moms, ultra-fit athletes, menopausal executives, energetic retirees. The Nobody Talks Club is enrolling founding members for a limited time only!


Pelvic floor fitness is one size fits most, but not all.

Please contact a healthcare provider immediately if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Any pelvic pain

  • A sense of urinary urgency without urination

  • A very sudden change in urinary function