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You, only drier.

Get relief from problematic symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency and leakage in just 3 weeks with our affordable health coaching program designed to put you in control

You deserve to skip, hop, lift, run and laugh without a second thought! 

Meditate at home
K+ Training Intensive

Your goals: supported.

Every coaching engagement lasts for 21 days and includes:
  • three private, online consultations with a pelvic health expert

  • access to curated training materials and exercise videos

  • daily message-based tips, reminders and encouragement

  • anytime access to your dedicated coach!

K+ Training Intensive

Your lifestyle: enhanced.

You commit just 5-10 minutes a day to make noticeable progress. No need to make a clinic visit, get a vaginal exam, search Instagram for the right videos, or deal with insurance. We curate content for your daily action plan, and share it with a simple link!


"I tell my friends it's an easy way to make progress with incontinence, without a lot of like rigamarole."


"I am very independent person. But it is wonderful to have somebody who gives you advice and listens."


"It’s been really amazing. It was very stressful to have all those [medical] tests that are quite invasive. It was so nice to be able to ask questions and have this support. I didn’t feel alone."


"I got more out of the first call than I thought I would get from the whole three weeks!"


"The coaching worked for me, because I already have a regular workout routine, so I could incorporate and add specific exercises easily.."

You deserve to skip, hop, run and laugh without a second thought!

K+ Training Intensive

Your needs: addressed.

Whatever your age or fitness level, you can stay active and live life to the fullest by learning to drink, toilet, kegel, exercise and even breathe differently. We help you get smarter...about what works for you.
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Pregnant Woman with Mother
K+ Training Intensive

Your options: explained.

Hitting a plateau of improvement? Uncertain what the future holds? Ready for surgery, but not sure how to prepare? We help you understand and navigate the options.

Set aside time

Share concerns openly

Try out new habits

Stay the course

K+ Training Intensive is for people who are ready to . . . 

Still have questions?
Liv Labs' CEO, Melody Roberts, recently hosted an online question-and-answer session. There's a good chance she answers one or more of your questions in her opening comments. (<10min)

Your personal leak coach

Anytime access to your
coach via messaging

Weekly 1:1 consultations

Bite-sized learning activities

Proven-effective exercises

Tools to manage continence
at any stage of life

Head Coach

Melissa Stendahl, PT, DPT

Coach Melissa is a licensed doctor of physical therapy with a decade of clinical experience treating patients with pelvic floor disorders. She designed Liv Labs' wellness services to empower more people with self-care best practices shown to improve continence and confidence.
Copy of Melissa+pelvic+health+physical+therapist_small.jpg

K+ Training Intensive



3-Week Health Coaching Plan

Three pelvic health expert consultations

21 days of personal coaching

Access to our video library

Access to our literature library

Free subscription to K+ Circuit Training

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