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Coach Jason

Jason Friedman, CMFC, FMS, CrossFit

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Coach Jason is the founder of Blues City Strength and Conditioning, located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Coach Jason specializes in small group training. He enjoyed a professional career in baseball before becoming a personal trainer. He played Division 1 collegiate baseball, then went on to play and coach professionally in Germany and Spain. And he competed in Spain's National League and for the European Cup.


The inspiration to become a fitness trainer came from his parents. When they first began exercising in their 50s, Coach Jason would join them when he visited during college, and was motivated by their commitment to improving their longevity and quality of life. He began working as a trainer in Madison, Wisconsin in 2012. His passion for professional growth and development led him to CrossFit Farmland’s Elite School of Fitness, where he served as a full-time coach and Boot Camp Director before returning to his roots in the Hyde Park community and opening his own training business. Over the years, Coach Jason has studied and coached across the spectrum of ages and demographics, from youth athlete development to senior fitness, with certifications in Russian kettlebells, CrossFit Level II, Functional Range Conditioning, and Functional Movement Screen Level II.


Coach Jason takes a holistic approach to training, infusing personalized cues, tips, and modifications for each person in small group settings. By working with long-term clients through lifespan changes, Coach Jason realized that many were limited in exercises because of pelvic floor issues. Rather than shying away from what can be a taboo topic, he studied pelvic floor exercises and began incorporating pelvic floor training into his workouts, providing a way to overcome those limitations through the fitness regimens that his clients already loved and trusted.


Coach Jason's training philosophy is to build exercise into a sustainable lifestyle. He advises clients to have patience, start small, and find enjoyment! "Let's get moving!" is one of his catch phrases.

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