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K+ Training

Kegel exercise and a whole lot more! K+ Training is a full-body approach to restoring continence that blends functional strength training exercise with techniques of pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Get fit, inside and out.

One-on-One Coaching Services

K+ Training Intensive

One-on-One Coaching 

Get relief and learn skills to last a lifetime, in just 3 weeks

You will work with an expert coach for 21 days to set and reach your goals. You'll be surprised how effective everyday lifestyle changes and targeted fitness choices can be!

$295 / 3 weeks

Expert Consultations

Continence Q&A

Ask the questions and express the concerns that matter to you.


We can explain the underlying causes of urine leaks and help you understand all your options, from habits change to consumer products or clinical care.

$110 / 45 minutes

K+ Circuit Training Program

Train at your own pace

Liv Labs offers our K+ Circuit Training Program on-demand for just $24.99 per month. This targetted leaking recovery program suits generally fit and healthy individuals working to return to high-impact activities like running, hiking, weightlifting, and CrossFit. Chasing toddlers counts too!

> Please note if you are recovering from childbirth, you should allow your body to heal for at least 8 weeks before starting programs such as this one.

Female Running

Get active again

This 6-week program rebuilds strength & stamina while tackling leaking.

​Inspired by the needs of new mothers, the Return to Running and Impact program is suited for any reasonably fit woman restoring continence and rebuilding stamina after:

  • giving birth

  • sustaining an injury

  • undergoing surgery

How It Works

Web or Mobile Viewing

Community Membership

Make progress slowly and steadily

K+ Circuit Training includes six weeks of restorative exercise via 18 unique K+ Circuits. Each mat-friendly circuit combines pelvic floor fitness with full-body training to reduce leaks and build strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility—all at once. Circuits can be repeated and combined, to build strength and stamina.​ 

Follow-along with narrated exercise videos

Videos feature exercise performers whose movements you can imitate, with expert narration by our head coaches, Melissa Stendahl, PT, DPT and Jason Friedman, CMFC, FMS, CrossFit. If you know the moves, you can simply follow the instructions.


Get access to a pelvic floor expert

The program includes an optional free wellness consult with Coach Melissa, anytime access via chat, and optional peer group participation.

Sample K+ Circuit Training Videos

Child's Pose with Kegel
Donkey Kick
Curtsy Lunges
Return to running opaque.jpeg

K+ Circuit Training Benefits

✓ Safe  You set the pace

✓ Easy  K+ Circuits fit into busy days

Convenient  You exercise at home

Affordable  Full recovery for $49.98 (2 mos)

Designed with a love for pelvic floor fitness as part of regular fitness ...because it is!
Liv Labs K+ Training methods have been expertly developed by Dr. Melissa Stendahl, physical therapist, and Jason Friedman, functional strength trainer.

Dr. Melissa Stendahl is a physical therapist specialized in treating adult pelvic health.

Learn more about Coach Melissa

Jason Friedman - smiling tilt_edited_edi

Jason Friedman owns Blues City Strength and Conditioning, where he trains people of all ages.

Learn more about Coach Jason

 — Get K+ Circuit Training — 

Just $24.99 /mo

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